A Patriot's Cook Book
of Bad, Filthy Writing

by Dale Young

Cover Design by BAM13 & Jim Lopez
Published by AQC BOOKS
Copyright 2013

ISBN 978-061568620

$13 + shipping and handling
(5.25x8 196 pages)

"Dale Young, GOD DAMN IT!
I loved White Trash Like Me.
I never laughed out loud while reading like I did
clutching your filthy little bible in my hands!"
~Lydia Lunch

by Hank Kirton

Cover Design by Jim Lopez

Published by AQC BOOKS
Copyright 2012

ISBN 978-0615623177

$13 + shipping and handling
(5.25x8 220 pages)

:: Preview Conservatory of Death::


"In 'Conservatory of Death' we see modern culture
tired and kicking at the end of a rope.
It is perhaps the first *deathpunk* novel."
~David Kerekes (Headpress)

Religion, Ideology and Heidegger's Concept of Falling
by Greg Tropea

Cover Design &
Illustrations by Stephan Maich

Published by AQC BOOKS
copyright 2011

ISBN 978-0615478234

$13 + Shipping and Handling
(280 pages 5.5 x 8.5)

:: Preview Religion, Ideology &
Heidegger's Concept of Falling ::

Greg Tropea investigates the fundemental structures of human existence
and self-understanding by tracing the ideas of religion and theology, as
articulated through Heideggerian constructs, from Anselm to Democratic
Capitalism. Complementing the task of historical research, Tropea
proceeds to examine Heidegger from, as it were, the inside by asking
how the Being of beings is found being religious and being ideological.
In this way, Tropea's subtle exploration serves as both a work of
historical scholarship and an experiment in the utilization of
Heidegger's way of thinking on topics as diverse as politcs and technology.

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