Febuary 19, 2013

Rick Gimes and Jim Lopez are currently working on a comic etching out the story of John Wilmot, a freak who dropped out of San Gabriel High School with his best friend Ronnie, also a freak. The two start out on an adventure, that takes them to El Salvador during the mid 1980's, the Cayman Islands and eventually Coalgate, Oklahoma, where they await further orders from two retired military officers, Lt. Col. Flaskman and Col. Hashman.

Current images are from Rick Grimes' drafts.

Preview further drafts





Tom Bradley, David Aronson and Nick Patterson

Febuary 19, 2013

[After making careful preparations to ensure himself a proper reincarnation, the dying Aleister Crowley flubs one syllable of the magickal incantation and comes back as Elmer Fudd. Among the "mutants, beasties and therianthropes" of Looney Tunes Purgatory, he meets one spirit in particular who reveals the horrible future to him...]           

A spirit on pilgrimage toward yet another endometrial purgatory needs its way eased. Being lately disembodied, given a whiff of the bliss godhead eventually offers, the astral nomad requires some sort of tonic to get into the mood to be jammed yet again among intestines and "extruded between feces and urine," as Augustine of Hippo so tastefully put it. Obscene jokes and off-color doggerel and filthy songs are just the thing to get the raw meatiness stirred up in the mind again. A leer, a chuckle and a snicker are not unwelcome.




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