Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

The Lunatic's Pen

Ardeshir Sepahsalar

-- "It is a blessing that you aren't part of the story, here in our head" said, Syzygy.

Lets take a few steps back and figure out what an author is. I'm not a literature major, but somewhere I skimmed something about the death of the author. But who invented the author in the first place? What about writing makes one think that an author is a single entity? After all, language is impossible without centuries of evolution in syntax and lexicon. Any self respecting writer is forced to read other works, no? In other words, to believe that an author is capable of a singular vision is like believing that she comes up with her own language and magically, as listeners as readers, we are able to grasp her hologram of the mind.

-- "Are you done eating penny apples, yet? We're moving down to the river, then jumping the falls, at high tide."

Perhaps, the silliest thing about the invention of the author is that he became the self serving thief of our story. With an author firmly placed in our collective script, he could become the "story," the "history," a "mythical epic," he could expose the voices within, as a singular reflective act for us all, but at what cost?

We owe this magic partly to the keepers of the scriptorium. Scrolls were kept in jars, and jars were kept in caves and caves were kept by warrior dicks who needed scribes who were needed to decipher the strange signs that told a story, a history. Over time, stories needed to be organized, ordered and managed.

Managing anything that is itself a record of something needs to be nailed down by something singular. Like a phallic marker that divides land, the stories were collected and marked by authors and dates. Once the scrolls were nailed down to one voice and place, they could be stored away for future reference.

-- "They'll gather the shells and driftwood from the shore. We'll be setting down by the fallen tree. You bring the wine, and Syzygy will start the fire. The moon will not last the night." 



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