Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

comforted by taxpayer funded private incinerators


Usurious bank-sharks have been mainlining loans to profligate Americans without fear of their default. Because of a deistic faith in mass consumerism, there is an adamant trust of a never ending supply of nascent consumer offspring reproduced at the poverty level for fellating the egregious usurer into purging more cash. When the debt collector arrives apace for his tranches, the debtor's parlance is spoken with a studious shrift denying any maladroit boondoggle. Unbeknownst to both actors, global megabank oligopolies have colluded with malfeasant politicians to subvert humanity grievously into foisted servitude. This ersatz cadre were voted to represent the citizenry's weal, but these politicians only deserve emblematic pillories and paltry sustenance. Without being exculpated, conniving politician’s impugnable cogency is on trial. Until they are fully adjudicated from espousing the sanguinary conflagration of humanity and environment, they must remain pilloried. To protect society from their further callous vilification, internecine partisanship, peevish scantness, their hideous actions must be monitored repetitiously. Left alone to deregulate and dismantle America, the taxpayers once again will have to resuscitate megabanks from endless debacles for fear of eviscerating humanity into imperturbable pauperdom. Unable to lament from an inundation of insidious inoculations, the infiltration of corporate media to heal idyllically the victims from bankers' unequivocal chicanery is moribund. An implicit vetting criterion for political representatives, is their conflict of interest to the few economic elites dictating legislation at the expense of our acquiescent populace and nation. The lack of neutralizing expeditiously such an incestuous reshuffling of government players to and from private industry undermines Democracy by perpetuating systemically an obscene class of nepotistic stakeholder protectionism, which makes the bona fide will of the people obsolete. An inability to logistically abate their contagion by excisional dethronement is the result of our collective powerlessness. For circumventing resistance to further pervasive destruction, the efficacious gatekeepers have turned Americans violently against each other by exploiting divisive moral issues. Those stooping prodigiously in economic power have perpetrated all of the world's politicians by cajoling them with staunch bribes. As vitriolic furor ominously oscillates amongst underground subcultures, their agglomerated cabal is discreditably ossified by the overweening media as a menace to America. Lulling the television audience with a plethora of firmamental enthrallment, politically sympathetic wonks appease their bullying oppressors' tactics dubiously by funneling an exorbitant surety to defray salient repercussions. Given temporary leeway to swing the convoluted pendulum by governmental charlatans, the authors of this disquisitional postulate are apt to continue this servile anathema seditiously against draconian gibbets of opprobrium. With amorous idolatry, the media deifies unedifying avariciousness. Such transmogrification of esoteric knowledge into a hodgepodge of torpidity magnifies the relentless power of media to proselytize insouciantly all of humanity. It is the virulent elite's ungentlemanly countenance that is excoriating. Such proscriptive impropriety has been adamantly evinced as rousable tumultuousness. An anachronistic prerogative of the economic elites and political powers particularistically indulge in a myriad of impinging metaphorical pogroms. As their ineluctable ascendancy is unthwarted, enmeshed stakeholders encouragingly remain wary of turbulent contingencies. It is these government institutions owned by the financial sector that is imperiling society into the mire.



Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Free Sample: delivery of death

Chipmunx - 2010, July


Free samples! Who could resist the temptation to receive a beverage or snack for free. The unemployed in America during the Great Recession had been so beaten down that a free sample was tantamount to receiving a handout from God. Therefore, any suspicion of malice or malfeasance would not enter into their minds. True, many did not trust the government, but here they lined up month after month for at least two years to receive money from the government. And at the same time, on the same day, were nicely dressed young white boys and girls, who were very Aryan and Christian giving samples of a new product to the unemployed and hungry. Why the simultaneous distribution of these free samples by blond hair and blue eyed young adults? To reduce the suspicion of these free samples being nothing more than a free sample, the distributors had to be translucent in their embodiment. African-Americans with black skin pigmentation, dressed up in urban hip-hop clothing speaking a prison dialect would meet resistance. Poorly dressed, dirty migrant Hispanics who entered America illegally who could not answer questions in English would also be unable to disguise the truth of these free samples. And Muslims from Saudi Arabia would after the fact create a suspicion of a terrorist plot. However, these young white adults recruited in their Sunday schools by church pastors to serve their community by volunteering to give out free samples of a  product made by God's people would veil the secret mission behind the entire project 19. Church leaders did not know either. Boxes of a product were arriving and were to be distributed according to the instructions. The synchronization had to be precise as well. The locations were already plotted. Even the local police were informed because a white truck cannot just arrive in a school parking lot and give out free samples of drinks or snacks for this very reason. This could be an attempt by a lunatic to execute by a mass poisoning. Yet a church group feeding the homeless, hungry, and unemployed in the name of God is less suspicious. And the product had already been tested on prisoners. About twelve prisons owned by the private prison industry, the Corrections Corporation of America, the CCA is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange, is in the industry of punishment for sale. They charge tax payers about $300 a day for each prisoner. The Criminal Justice System was unaware of any experiments being conducted on prisoners. The prisoners illnesses would be paid for by taxpayers. The profits would go to shareholders of the private prison industry as well as prison executives who received more than ten million in salary of the hundreds of billions being spent to house the largest prison population in the world combined. Coordinating the simultaneous distribution of the element within a beverage to preselected prisoners across America and within prisons demonstrated the tactical precision and  professional organization behind the designers of project 19. There have been many larger scale haphazard administrative plots before in which the designers learned from mistakes, but the modern day technological advancements allowed for monitoring as well. So prisoner 6X in prison Y8 could be monitored from the time of ingestion, throughout the symptomatic experience, until death. Throughout this period, neither prisoner, prison physician, nor warden would suspect anything abnormal. And because three prisoners within the same prison would experience different symptoms as a result of the element's properties, there were no questions as to a possible mass poisoning. After the success of the prison experiments, the element would be placed inside beverages and snack foods then placed in boxes, and shipped to distribution centers across America. The element had been perfected to be undetectable since there were so many synthetic ingredients inside beverages and snack foods. The Food and Drug Administration cannot inspect everything; corporations self-monitor their own products under a good-faith clause. A small percent of defective products will always enter the marketplace. And illnesses in small populations are expected. Furthermore, low levels of toxicities entering foods that are in certain populations is actually encouraged. The private medical industry depends on an ongoing amount of illnesses to treat. This is why the pharmaceutical industries are interconnected with the food industry, and this lobby politicans to create legislation allowing for the unregulated as well as uncontrollable distribution of poisons found in minute amounts of packaged food. Self preservation of stakeholders, shareholders, and corporate executives at the expense of innocent humans, but then again the information is available for everyone to know certain beverages and foods are unhealthy. This is why the element was a reactive compound. In fact, the element was slightly inert. Upon ingestion, if the victim drank three gallons of water without eating over a three hour period, the element would just be discharged through the kidneys and bladder. Like a millimeter kidney stone, it will pass. 500 free samples distributed in 100 cities meant 50,000 would fall ill. If these people were truly hungry and poor, they should be drinking only large amounts of water. This was why alcohol and high fructose corn syrup would activate the elements. As a result, cirrhosis of the liver would be the effect as alcohol stimulated the element which within days caused the immune system's breakdown. Diabetes would be the result of high fructose corn syrup reacting with the element. The high levels of sodium found in fast food would lead to an imminent heart attack as high cholesterol rapidly was onset. Tobacco smoke would result in lung cancer. Therefore, the cause of death was inextricably linked with unhealthy lifestyle habits. As planned, death was not immediate and a period of hospitalizations was required in order to create a boon for the local medical centers on the government's dime. The symptoms were not specific to any particular lifestyle since the unemployed were experiencing vast stress and anxiety since the collapse of the financial sector and the economic downturn. Losing their jobs was just the beginning of a long period of heightened stress because of unpayable credit card debts, car payments, and a mortgage. Their brainwashed children who because of advertising want the newest computers, phones, clothes, and cars only irritate the hemorrhaging wound. As a result of such heightened stress and anxiety, a loss of control, meaningless in life, turned many unemployed to become addicted to fast food, soda, alcohol, smoking, and unhealthy behaviors thought to have control over. It was the “it's my life and I can do what I want” attitude that caused a husband to beat his children and wife, or adulterous promiscuity because sex feels good, and dominating another human being by controlling him or her as a object is redeeming when all else has become lost. Rationalities such as these were exchanged in the boardroom at project 19's headquarters. Just as ethnic cleansing, genocide, or the imprisonment of uneducated and poor minorities has to be justified the way plantation owners need a clear conscience for buying slaves. The children enslaved in the Ivory Coast today growing cocoa, the children gluing children's toys in China without proper ventilation in factories, pregnant migrant farmers using toxic chemical fertilizers in cotton and corn fields, Ethiopian coffee farmers, Ecuadorian banana farmers, and so on are all poisoned by industry without the smallest wink of conscionable objection from  factory owners, governments, corporations, or consumers. If this is the way it is, what makes eliminating a population of leeches sucking hardworking taxpayer dollars from the rest of us. Those targeted by project 19 were nothing more than parasites sucking the blood of good Christian Americans. Removing them from society would only impact the social service sector that provides welfare for the underclasses of disabled, obese, indignant minorities, and those who just feel entitled to handouts. Justifications for selected lifestyles surround the underclass subculture. Within their food stamp circles, disability checks, and other benefits, they share strategies on how to get more from the system they never contributed to. By avoiding marriage, life long couples cohabiting get more welfare than those who are married. Injuries that can keep people from  being able to work are inflicted on each other such as the “hit and run” when a friend will actually drive a car into another. This way the uninsured can be sent to the hospital and given prescriptions for pain killers to sell on the black market. If he is lucky, his doctor will be in on it as a kind of Medicaid fraud and over prescribe for a longer period at the government's expense. These are just a few examples of a larger symbiotic relationship of dependency that exists between social service employers who rely on a never ending stream of displaced workers. Just as employers can offer less of a salary when a higher supply of workers are available because of a high unemployment rate, other sectors of the economy pray on the weak like lenders with exorbitant rates on loans. Perhaps project 19 was a blessing in disguise. When a victim calls 911 for help during cardiac arrest, the police, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians arrive on the scene. All of these workers get their salary or overtime. The ambulance driver as well as the medical equipment supply corporation profits at the taxpayers' expense. Project 19 accelerated the inevitable. The smoker was going to die of lung cancer eventually, so the element in a free sample just expedited the process, which during a recession greatly benefits those providing services such as the hospitals nursing staff. The future prospects of a project 21, 22, and 23 are already being auctioned off to the highest bidders in secret locations because like the Department of Defense, war is profitable. And like with the Department of Homeland Security, terrorism is profitable. The Center for Disease Control benefits from viruses just as the Federal Emergency Management Administration reaps the rewards from natural calamities like floods most likely attributable to global warming, which is in part a human creation as are the others just mentioned. It is this logical justification that tallows the architects of project 19 to sleep comfortably at night.  This brilliantly coordinated planning of project 19 shows the determination of which its creators constructed their reality. Located adjacent to unemployment centers across America, free samples of a new beverage and snack food were made available by well-dressed, Aryan looking young adults. Unbeknownst to them, they were relieving the white man's burden in American society. Within the free sample was an already proven element that would be activated by certain stimuli to bring forth the onset of an inevitable illness. The uninsured were chosen to reduce the payouts large scale insurance corporations would have to pay to hospitals for treating highly vivacious painful symptoms that no amount of anesthetic could mask. A spinal disc herniation, breaking bones, tearing tendons, metastasized cancers, brain tumors, large kidney stones, bladder infections, and so on were just a few of the symptoms the 50,000 victims of project 19 experienced before their deaths. And even during surgery, some of the victims were caught on hospital cameras telling their spouses, “I hope I get some good pain killers to sell after this.” Or, “now I can collect lifetime disability checks,” and the more hideous, “it's a good thing we don't have any insurance, because I could never pay for this medical bill. And the nurses are cute as hell.” It was not difficult to monitor the consequences of the free sample. All of the names and addresses of those at the unemployment centers that day were accessible through computer logs. As soon as any of them called 911 for help and checked into the emergency room, their phone call and arrival would be captured as experiment data. Luckily, technological advancements could even document the first symptoms because those who had home computers with Internet access would search for answers to understand their symptoms. Those who sought knowledge were few however since living with endless body pain was normal and usually covered with over the counter drugs, alcohol, or street narcotics like crack, heroin, or methamphetamine. The victims who usually ate a bucket of fried chicken and drank cheap liquor were familiar with body discomforts. Vomiting and defecating blood was even not entirely abnormal for some. This is why the free sample's secret element ingredient had to be extremely fast in breaking down the immune system and causing multiple illnesses for which hospitalization would be the conclusion. Many of the victims knew how long the emergency room waits were already, so no matter how much codeine, oxycodone, or morphine was available, nobody liked to get a fake knife stabbing, gun shot, or tooth knocked out to get a prescription to sell on the black market for crack or heroine. Now that project 19 has been completed, it is in this document I confess to my involvement. I try to report objectively what I witnessed. I have yet to come to a conclusion as to if I will burn in hell for being a sinner or not because like those who fight in wars, destroy the environment, design harmful products, and feed poisonous chemicals to humans, there are more than enough reasons for me to continue my involvement with this project. As I type the last words here I realize that the cameras in this coffee shop are recording my presence as well as the tiny camera built into this computer. There is no hiding. And the mere thought that I am writing this gives me suspicion that I am supposed to be doing this. I am encouraged to share this reality by my employers who are the architects of project 19. They want me to leak this information. This is why they let me know more than I needed to know to do my part. If nobody believes my writing, that comes as no surprise since most of us have this trust in corporations and government looking out for the well-being of us all. But I ask you to look deep in your own mind and reflect on what benefits we are bringing to society. If you could make a salary of ten million a year like many corporate executives, would you sacrifice that lifestyle to prevent the exploitation of children, the poising of farmers and factory workers, ecological destruction, or even the collapse of America's economy and society? I can tell you honestly that for my work I have received enough to retire a wealthy woman. My children will inherit a life free of economic uncertainty. My work will give them the best private education, health care, nutritious food, and a home in the countryside with plenty of land to live away from it all. Because of my work, they are also part of an elite group of privileged individuals like them too. Had I not been recruited for this mission, I might be standing in the unemployment line as well. After all, it was my sixteen hours a day for thirty years in the laboratory that gave me this opportunity. I sacrificed my free time and worked everyday of my life for this moment. I deserve my piece of the pie. Hard work has gotten me where I am today. And I don't feel like giving any of it away!



Tuesday, January 12th, 2010


Body-Scanned & Canned



Distractions keeping the herd mentality from solidifying against an elite few who have depleted the food chain of all essential minerals and nutrition are beneficial to the perpetuation of a subservient working class; in motion when not stuck in traffic or waiting patiently while texting their way through life helps keep a complacent ineptitude about the world; resistance to the status quo with a vote or lack of consumption is regarded as ineffective since the overall conclusion permeating underground mainstream deviant trendy social groups continues to be that the game is lost; counter-hegemonic rebellion is formulated by agreed upon authority in divergent media using the same means of communication that derailed human interaction with technology; an esteemed spokesperson appears to represent the voice of those disenfranchised while behind closed doors mocks his followers as escapists, who leech off the system, which they complain about; an angry mob gathers outside a food processing plant that recently made redundant a quarter of the labor force; shareholders anticipate a more profitable quarter as operational expenditures have been minimized for reasons of national security; tactical strategies are proposed by upwardly mobile power mongers whose inner discontent gains comfort through the exploitation of natural resources from indigenous children; diseased populations starve where drought persists, ceasing to bring life out of the soil; urban migration into rat infested sewers beneath garbage heaps and toxic waste lurk the fractured eyes of lost souls; as the sun rises, steam vats deliver the reeking stench into pedestrian streets; a few smaller children rub the grit across their cornea making deep and painful incisions; hollering cries are lashed out only to be reciprocated by a parent's intolerance for rudeness; the preponderance of sensory discomfort follows as vileness attacks the eyes, nose, and mouth; foul bacteria murks encrusting past canyons of decaying sorrowful residue; terroristic tourists bombard Islamic postcard stands with cyanide smiles glaring evangelically into their own apocalyptic genocidal doctrines; an angelic juggler manipulates the masses into believing a nation has a political voice as the two-faced puppet-master blindfolds her critics; an anthem is sung by mutes and heard by none as limbless war veterans dance and wave for help; tears soak the soil where tombstones rot into the hillside as smog is lifted from the interstate of broken cities; brown and black skinned children frolic on a playground in a cloud of dioxin, asbestos, radium, toluene, benzine while whites drink cadmium, mercury, and lead tainted water; cancer patients ingest a handful of pills then have liver failure; a woman aborts her Siamese twins in an alleyway behind a disco pub before sunrise where patrons vomited and urinated for hours next to a dumpster filled with an undercooked barbeque pig; a teenage neo-Nazi detonates herself inside of a synagogue during Passover; television reporters lure sedated audiences for weeks as to why these days are filled with endless atrocities.



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