Tuesday, January 26th, 2010


Ray Gonzalez

I saw that phrase scrawled somewhere, maybe on a city wall or in a magazine ad, perhaps on a blackboard in a classroom where I teach.  Genital Emotion.  Is it saying the genitals have feelings beyond the standard in-and-out?  Could it refer to the physical power of in-and-out and the kind of feelings the fucker puts into it?  Perhaps genital emotion means that sections of the body have feelings beyond what we know and this has nothing to do with sex, but simply refers to a sensitive, caring penis or a deeply insightful vagina.  Even the idea of the body carrying its sexual organs in various states of being, without relying on the old in-and-out, is an attractive concept that may have inspired someone to leave the words Genital Emotion hanging there.  After all, I can’t find the exact place where I spotted the handwriting the other day, though my mind keeps wandering to the image of a colorful sign, maybe a label on a pair of underwear, even the empty condom wrapper some joker left on the men’s bathroom floor by the classroom, the corridor leading to the urinals one of the coldest places in the old brick building.



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