Jim Lopez

Monday, November 30, 2009

© Stephan Maich

~Jim Lopez


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The lines and cracks in the palm of one hand often recounts an argued past, recognizes an often misunderstood, anamorphically perceived present, and divines a, more-often-than-not, misinterpreted future, lacking awe.  It is fair enough that these disgruntled aspects, weighted in the palm of time-and-memory, are necessary for grounding the location of our ossuaries and strengthening the elasticity of our skin. 

In the other hand of observation, what is recounted in the past is often placidly sublime, what is recognized in the present is often beautiful, and what is divined for the future is marveled in wonder. 

The individual primordial memory, the first essence of one’s thought--whether terrifying or gifted with grace--is the beginning of one’s unraveling to self, where memories of the past and plans for the future merge their polarity into the present center.  It is in this merging of the circular cross-roads of time-and-memory that the Antique Child finds his or her self, with eyes turned inside out, embracing the ever wandering “I”, which seeks to allude itself in the further widening of the past and the future. 

The Antique Child is not greatly offended by vice nor by propriety, but finds the human in both, while mischievously adorning his or her child in the noble constitution of a benevolent mind, playing hopscotch in the squares of stasis and anti-stasis, while resisting the indifferent sophistication passed off as cultured maturity.

~Jim Lopez



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