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Julie Steiner

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

© Julie Steiner


© Julie Steiner


© Julie Steiner


© Julie Steiner

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I create my paintings by combining chaotic gestures with structured lines...A style that also imitates the way I live my life. I work on my paintings a little bit at a time...mostly because I am juggling many tasks that are not art related, but also because it gives me time to let the painting take shape and grow slowly, letting the personality unfold as I watch from afar. I let the painting make decisions for itself, and correct the ones that don't work. After a painting is complete, I stand back and reflect on the process of creation, and the steps it took to get things just so. Most of the time I am just flying by the seat of my pants, but when the day is done, all the chaos finds a peaceful resting place, and I am pleased.

My name is Julie Steiner.

I really started painting four years ago. This was about a year after the birth of my twins who are now five years old. I also have an eight year old...all boys I might add! The first year of their life is a complete fog to me, as I was getting three to five hours of broken sleep a night and working full time while my husband studied and attended the Fire Academy. As a result, I completely lost myself in the haze that had become my life. It was quite by accident that the first painting ever happened. I never considered myself much of a painter up until this point. I wasn't very good with color, and it didn't really interest me because of this reason. I remember putting a very large, stark white canvas on an easel for some reason one day...It was my birthday, March 6...and without purpose or intent...I began to paint...

It is in retrospect that I have figured out what these paintings mean. They symbolize change, and the uncertainty that comes along with that transition. For me it was parenthood, but upon further examination, they are reflections of the vulnerability we experience during the times in our lives when we are most out of control of our feelings. My paintings are about the metamorphosis of life events that change who we are...and who we will become....


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