Tuesday, November 24th, 2009


The Poetic Philosophy of an Alchemical Mind   
'Dov Mutz'

The term ‘black work’ is used in alchemical literature to denote the first stage of an
operation in which impurities are cast out by purgative action. This purgation is initiated
by adding energy, usually fire, to a vessel containing the substance, which is to be
refined. This piece has been excerpted from notebooks which arose from an appalling
state of addiction and depravity which I inhabited in the late 1980’s. It is a residue
which might be read like secret messages scrawled on waste paper found on the street.


my friend the skeleton rider on his pale horse tightly stretched skin over bone to fly
dropping flame chunks and broken glass on the decay of my city
we laugh to wake half open bodied babies shoes encrusted with our kicking
a smiling face cracks a scream over grey green holes
a drop of rancid lymph falls as a memorial
riding over ruins the burning city belches smoke to darken my skeleton friend
flying laughing pissing we scatter upon the hollow and the tossed
between greasy clouds and clotted sulfur me and him descend
dirty hordes frantically scramble beneath us in and out of doors with no ceilings
rags and sores to cover empty places
laughing victoriously, I cannot see my friend nor his death horse
alone in the dirty sky looking straight down falling
naked hollow human animals
muddy swirling rainbow sheen of gasoline
shiny metal exhaust pipes roar with silver poison dust
clouding the path of my friend into obscurity
the foul broken landscape swarms with multitudes of dead eyes dotting the fields
rusty electric wires sputter in the rain
like nerves beneath sagging and broken urban skin
stinking in wretched glory
tiny specs that are actual beings vibrate in rising steam
a blanket of parasites jump clouds in pitter pats
in dreams we spit victorious

refreshed of our wrongdoing
to mount the death horse soaring into the burning rubble
a pack of laughing bare bone dogs follow with balding coats of rancid fur
they coo and spit groaning and drooling cockeyed
venus of the dungheap leans on a broken rusted food cart with a busted wheel
her rotten eyes swollen in puss pink bubbles
juices squeezed in cheekbone fury
emaciated prickly from the fright
she pulls dead flowers from her hair
she lies there like a pile of something
smeared with crumbs on her jaundiced belly
larval maggot pig things wriggle and squirm in mud bogs and pit pools
a belch of acrid ammonia

above us the angel of extermination takes a dump
he strains and scowls deep through the vapors
he flaps his wings and rises
x ray angles covered in renaissance drapery
he hovers off the checkerboard floor shedding flakes
servants scamper to clean it

a nearby electrical transformer vibrates on a ratty stack of bibles
dust farts from their pages
the donkey’s hindquarters spurts red juice on to the forehead of the Christ-like idiot
he grimaces and shoves a tray of rotted vegetables to drop with a loud crash
it awakens 3 napping dwarves clothed in satin genie outfits and horned viking helmets
they dance frantically around the dead broad on the table
the gimp crawls under into a fetal position and ritually shits in his hand
antifreeze juice glows green in lavender stench pits around him
a small dot amid the puddle is a cluster of tiny turtles
nearby a broken electric piano hums and crackles
frayed wires to sputter and smoke
burning flesh billows upwards
the waitress spastically vomits out the corner of her mouth with eyes akimbo
the donkey rears back and kicks out 3 of her teeth
the gold satin dwarf pisses himself after loosing his erection
poking her smoking carcass with a grunt of pleasure

the hermaphrodite’s genitals have been sawed off
and stapled to the end of a baseball bat
they are being inserted into the rectum of the unconscious schoolmarm
emitting a green bilious liquor into a silver serving tray held by the exterminating angel
who leans over and gently wipes her mouth
under the electric piano baby finster reaches up to fist-fuck a dead ostrich
bat guts all over him exuding a powerful stench
she: prepubescent lemon noduled venus of the dung-heap
he: baby with bib and drool
the electric piano accidentally slipped into the stagnant puddle cracking its surface film
lemon venus lights up in an ecstasy of electrocution
her eyeballs de-socket with thick streams of blood
hollering finster uses an eyeball as a counter weight on a popsicle stick teeter-totter
in the distance the burning ruins of the schoolhouse belch smoke and lightning
a dental mirror is gracefully implanted in the nostril of the paraplegic
capillaries burst blood into a dixie cup
the hairy hunchback in the ballet dress is summoned gingerly out of the birdcage
he scoops out several soft turds that will be used to feed infants in the cancer ward
zebras, vultures, goats, and weasels all in a line
shaved and oiled for the spastic gimp hurrying toward them with a fire-hose
powered by a hydraulic motor to spray so hard it blasts the skin off
he ignites it and it explodes a jet of flames across the line
they panic and chaotically riot within the boundaries
bursting through the stage set are a horde of cops in clown make-up with tutu bottoms
over their cop uniforms
their genitals exposed through crudely cut holes in the front
they bully themselves through the leopard skin and chrome interior....

pools of liquid light reflect the surface of the astra-scope
through the window on the hill of dysplasia
the dysplasiacs drool viscous muculoids while heads are wrapped in circumference with
black electrical tape
specimens become transcendentally identified with the eyelids of the inebriates
eyesight dissolves into swirls and pit loops on the speedways of their vision
banging stump protrusions and bone crushing visions
swirling in the deep colors he gently fades...

smiling sidelings realize that no more are they grazily wandering upon the fields of the
the garden undulates under a violent orgiastic mass of a million miles
the junkyard ruins span forever
haunted vacancies and deliberate funerals
a starving weasel chews an emaciated rat through disaster bricks and fragments
skies open with fiery noise
the altar of broken bottles and used condoms stands with cartoon stink-lines in the
greasy sun
deformed idiots stand motionless and take turns convulsing in spasms
letting every bodily fluid fly

the thanksgiving atrocity at the dinner table consisted of chomping noises and cleaning
fluid spilled by an idiot
giant cysts the size of basketballs are lanced after bathing in a tub of drain cleaner
the twitching has been rubbed liberally with ground glass
infectious oozings collected in a silver ritual cup and fed to the disembodied head in the
black bone ornamented cage
the head spurts brown juice around the feet of a tiny marble statue of himself
the other idiots toast with the cup
spilling discharge all over each other
they snicker and fuck
suddenly the head glows brighter and brighter in pale florescent yellow haze
it then explodes in a nest of lightning
blinding successive bursts of light shoot into the crowd to stumble and crash into the
furniture clutching their sculls
the skeleton’s arms outstretched holding a complete human alimentary canal
he pulls out a can of motor oil and douses himself smiling
naked sprawling clowns in cop outfits bust down the door...

did I mention the shiny metal exhaust pipes roaring with billows of silver smoke clouding
the path of the foul broken landscape? The dead eyes dotting electric wires in rain
glow sputter?

no more are they grazily wandering upon the fields of the horizon
the orgiastic mass of a million miles
the junkyard ruins span forever
haunted vacancies and deliberate funerals
a starving weasel chews an emaciated rat through the snarl of putrid disaster
rubble fields of broken glass

I am an open hole in the universe cluttered with junk
embraced alone in ecstatic sexual union with nothing in particular
confronted by the vastness like sulfuric acid to etch into living flesh
an infinity of sparkling failures
primal emptiness stained with the black feces of opaque thought patterns
a chattering sound submerged in liquid randomness
I taste the electric nectar through my skin
I am just the substrate upon which it is doing its job

the mist pixilated sparking ultraviolet in super-visual glory
an apparitional dimension where energy overlaps every cell
casting delusion indelibly into the pregnant center of bornless experience

The air conditioner giving me brain damage
The demolished buildings poisoning me with lead paint dust
I am persecuted by invisible fumes and particles

personality dropping like dead flies
the black work trudges on destroying more and more
time for surrender O insect mind
vanish into dust kicked up by an empty name
It smolders on under your wings

the cows are fat
turning into distorted caricatures
of frenzied pastoral landscapes hidden in upholstered furniture
sing tin birds from your concrete vases
he laughed at the frightening horse

the dice have eyes

skin of the invisible speaking every point to echo
oceans into which they dissolve constitute the alchemical laboratory
spaceship brain galaxy body indistinguishable
flowing like water into liquid perceptions of itself formed in the act of perceiving
these disasters speak uttered pulsating
in shimmering clothing of electromagnetism
the listener to these words is the liar

flooding from the breath of solar sweat garbed in endless languages of signal patterns
tracing the field of falling image echoes white light time image the creator spreader of
the seed black expanse of alternatives in all things living vegetative energy unbolts the
door to concealed operations light makes visible limitless shape waves of vibration fire
breathes water with air at its heart water breathes earth not burnt in the fire- visions
swallowed in ecstatic undulations of display form 4 fold as light the watchers bear

slaughtering knives the disk came from periphery to center within unformed
co emergent harmony illusion came forth by day in cloaks of light standing on the
double horizon below is the bottomless pit belching clouds of darkness to oppose the
radiant harmony twin heads battle one another in the darkness- the kingdom formulates
an administered destiny on behalf of the clear white space- flaming carrion pulsates
below the surface of the black chariot this friction forces water in water/fire in
fire/and air in between solidifying earth rays from above expand into a hidden abyss
within the compression vegetative expanse cracks the egg of firmament giving breath
to boundless eternity- the abyss seizes it’s flesh and the death sucklings of entropy
will follow- bodies of discord melt into unity- vibrations slide into fusion- objects of
form greet you with clusters of unformed substance- the house of the image doubles
has fallen. light came forth by day and has retreated into the theatre of the retina- the
frozen plunder of the wreckage falls into the tearful valley- man is married to the
birth of the miscarriage of destiny- the sister of the sphere drinks her own water-

a trumpet blast echoes through the womb of light
whirling swallowed in concealed beginnings
arousal of the deep periphery opens
the concealed heart of the unborn past backward reflections of future
the fool is slain with the word
pulsating clothing of encircling orbits of the electron chariot
flaming core belching plasmic ether unseen by outer surfaces
image echoes fall on the light eater with no mouth
enfolding like a negative sun breathing solar sweat speech passing time into eternity
backwards into vacant majesty- collapse superficial awakening- obscure catastrophe
via the intangible intersection
an expanding abyss of alternatives in the mirror likeness of daybreak
anointing intelligence of delirium has the listener in the inner dung heap
from the fleshy mistake of meaning
our honesty with ineptitude is a complete path

wake up the asshole in the guerilla suit

The head which is not a head is the face of the deep with the skin of the invisible. The
heart of pure space is imbedded in every cell. Speech from the head is a waterfall of
liquid transparency that cascades into pools of clearness from all its orifices. There
are 3 parts to this good head: nose, eyes, mouth. The intersection of eyes and nose
wears breath emitted by the mouth as speech. The nose is the vehicle of space. In the
nose mirror replication of primordial breath is the door of beginnings which run without
end. It blows wind in the orbits of the electron chariots. Space flows as nectar out
of the nose, breathed into appearance play, and explodes into joy. As it blows backwards
past the reflections of future it is unseen by outer surfaces. Delusion is the air
we exhale twice that is heavy and dull in comparison. The eyes collapse into the nose
air of emptiness if spinning polar charges delude cognition. Therefore the eyes can
ruin the purity of the nose. The pulsating radiance explodes from the eyes into falling
image echoes. This is good if seen as unborn nasal space, falling without changing
places, at the heart of the breath of sweat from the eyes circulated from the nose. The
disaster of the senses meets the expanding abyss in the mouth. This is the second

most dangerous area because the speech can become distorted. Echoes of space play
(unbolted in the obscure catastrophe of appearances) are expelled by speech. It delights
in forming the nose air to bridge infinite worlds on either end. Before it is formed in
mouth space, it can dissolve in a pixilated manner into love of sound and be blown
from the nostrils as enlightened breath. If the eyes are clear then space-air can be
exhaled into rainbow mist reflection particle, which is pure nose essence speech of
absolute mouth. All 3 must work simultaneously to accept pristine vibration in the ears.
The head is then complete.

key: head is not a head at all anymore it is the face of pure space imbedded in every
moment throughout all reality. I have no head to speak of anymore because it
dissolves as I think about it. Then it comes back. Speech from my head is a waterfall of
liquid transparency that cannot cascade into pools from the 7 orifices because of the
progression of 7: ears (2), nose (2), eyes (2), mouth (1)--->11 11 11 1=7 and 7 is key.

I am now refined because this is the secret of all things.
The intersection of eyes and nose wear a coat of skin as speech. The nose is space itself
when produced 7 fold. In the replication of primordial breath the door without end
blows wind as nectar out of nose and explodes into the nose air of emptiness. Nose hair
of emptiness! I will therefore not look at anything. I know I create all reality, they tell me
no but I know better. This is good if seen as unborn nasal space, falling without changing
places, at the heart of the eyes circulated from the breath of the nose. The disaster of
the mouth is the most dangerous distortion. They laughed at me. I’ll show them.
Delights in the nose bridge infinite worlds in mouth space, it can dissolve in a pixilated
manner and be blown from clear space-air into rainbow mist reflection
particles, which is pure nose essence speech of absolute mouth. Absolute fucking
mouth! My head is complete, it is everything. Oh my soul flows out my nose like the
song of the grasses in the garden. I love mouth essence of the entire head at once.
Breathe deep Divine mist. Repeat over to infinity.


Abandon Disneyland without warning. Forcing vacancy in the sacred dwelling of your
capacities forfeits the splendor of God. Those that navigate nothing but the waters of
cheaply padded trails left by commerce and the dreams of mediocre consolations discover
only plastic fantasies spit from insipid smiles of warm fuzzy toothless mouths
that say nothing. All the hallways in the cardboard castles only lead back to the waiting
area where they sold you the ticket. The real criminals of the imagination are those who
settle for boredom and the alleviation of its tyranny.

You! Called to abandon Disneyland to save your soul, but you cannot.
No! Cry inconvenience if you wish, turn away from the inherent luminosity of your
being if you choose, but now you do so forewarned.
Dizzy incoherence will not alleviate the plight of aesthetic and moral anemia.


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