Tuesday, September 14th, 2010


Pathway Exploration
Carl Scharwath

I explore this path
Meandering barefoot in childhood
With innocence
New confidence
Anticipating what lies
Beyond maturing hills
In the soil opulent
Emancipated hearts
Of deep canyons
Embracing errant dreams
Every new born breeze
From everywhere

This path is intimate
Its turns and crevices
Beckons towards
Humble oaks and rocky cliffs
The dormant meadows
Provoked in summers sun
Cooled in twilight
Weaving a protective coat
Of fine silk fabric
Stars impregnate the darkness
To enlighten my way
Of middle life

Do I know this path?
Should I speak to people?
As they wander past
Some acknowledge
Most do not see
With the great loads carried
They can not hear me
We share our burdens
Our lives burned in sunsets
The path aged in wear
We’ll not need very much
When we reach the end



Carl is a father and that means the most to him. His interests include competitive running, training for his first sprint triathlon and achieving a 2nd degree black belt in TKD. Most of his writing was born during a peaceful evening run. He has been blessed with over 20 publishing credits. Some examples have included Paper Wasp (Australia), Structo (The UK), Taj Mahal Review (India), The Penwood Review and Abandoned Towers (3 consecutive issues.) Recently he had a news story in the Orlando Sentinel and a feature in Lake Healthy Living Magazine. Both articles discussed the "Running Poet." The poet recently was awarded “Best in Issue” in Haiku Reality Magazine, Serbia. His first short story was published this July in the Birmingham Arts Journal.


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