Tuesday, September 14th, 2010


Nature Boy
David Mcmullan

I stare at a photo of you
Stood in a kitchen,
Your long jeans draped on the floor,
Little bare toes twinkling
Out of each leg.
I sigh.
Those toes were enough
To remind me
To fall in love
Each time I saw you.
Those toes were all I needed.
But now I look on just as
Sad ivory keys end and
Track number 8 kicks in:
Nat singing
The 1961 version.
His voice is a ghost.
Smile, he sings,
But it’s harder than
He’ll ever realise.


Morning Glory

David Mcmullan

That moment when the dream stops
And reality punches at your skin
That last lingering confusion
That lost madness fading
Everything waiting on you

So you pour coffee and
Have a smoke
And you go to your desk
Your notebook
Your typewriter
Your keyboard

And your fingers
They know what to do



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