Tuesday, November 24th, 2009


Troy Jollimore


They will be in the dining room by now,
turning over
the miscellaneous small objects

warily, as if they might sting.
they will search the beach

in groups of two or three.
The ocean
never stops dropping clues

at their dark, official feet.
Is she pandering,
or is she sincere?

We cannot tell from here.
We could ask them,
but they would not tell.

They are as silent as the victim,
in her soft,
imperfect pool of blood.

To tell
would be unprofessional.
It would not be at all suitable.

The moonlight is rigid
on their faces.
The car waits, impassive, dreaming of the road.

Troy Jollimore is the author of Tom Thomson in Purgatory (Margie / Intuit House, 2006) and The Solipsist (Bear Star Press, 2008). He is currently Associate Professor of Philosophy at California State University, Chico. www.csuchico.edu