Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Vincent Wright

On the bed the transaction is about to be made
she’s waiting
The landlord creaking stairs underfoot
In bed she feels his teeth pushing into the nape of her neck all the way from the door.
The landlords mind going into somersault fantasy of how it’s going to be.
On the bed, undressed, the landlord excitement over rides all sensibility and breathing turns to a chainsaw quiver
Knees pushing back boobs the last five months rent is getting squared up and cleared

Haggard withered like a dessert blasted vulture the land lords heat drooped ball sack pendulums against her arse hole reminding her on every whack how her work shy laziness has got her laid out on her back.
Her arsehole retracts on every beat like an infected mouth of a Star Fish
The landlord in a frenzy of excitement then starts gouging his tongue into her ear

Down stairs the back door’s blast open
Many small heavy feet thud violently through the house
The Landlords head jerks up
The tenant turns her head to the side and mouths almost wordlessly
“they’re here”
Tiny scratching noises claw at the door then find the door handle
The small one’s run in grey skinned, eyes blazing wine red
Then they get him. 



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