Issue 1: SPIT - Now Available!


Writers: Guillermo Samperio, Michael Wilding, Paul Krassner, Craig Woods, Asher Benatar, Hollace Metzger,  James Miller, Ron Garmon, D.M. Mitchell, Sue Fox, Hank Kirton, Hernán David Camargo Luque, Adam Narnst, Gregory James Wyrick, Chipmunx, Led Zepeletzky,Gint Aras, Rob Plath, Heather Altfeld, John Paul Jaramill, Vincent Portillo, Troy Jollimer, Kathryn Jackson, Lisa Alvarado

Cover art © Piercarlo Carella

Artists:  Binah D’Amour, Bryan Kent Ward, Cody Sevedge, Henry Jarlow, Jean P. Houpinierre, Jerome Sevrette, Jesse Reno, Jim Lopez, Matt Nocera, Natalie Pierandrei, Noah Van Sciver, Piercarlo Carella, Stephan Maich, STF-Stephane Moscato, Suzzan Blac, Tanya Miller, Xiaoqing Ding, Sarah Bell, Artur Piotr Grejner, Adrian Mania plus a few more...

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Issue 2: Duende: the Latin American Writers Issue

ANTIQUE CHILDREN: A Mischievous Literary Arts Journal is preparing the second quarterly journal on Latin American Writers, due out in Summer.

We’re looking for writers to pen creative essays on these Latin American Writers or review these books.  You may write a piece of fiction but it must envelop one of these writers and their selected book.

For example: You may write a story about your transvestite grandfather who carried a copy of Jose Donoso’s “Hell Has No Limits” in his bra as he went in search of the characters depicted in the book.   Thus, you have to read the book yourself and review it through your own work of fiction.  Or you may write a straight essay/review. 

Miquel Puig "Eternal Curse On The Reader of These Pages"
Juan Carlos Onetti "A Brief Life" (Uruguayan)  
Ernesto Sabato "The Tunnel"                
José Vasconcelos Calderón "The Cosmic Race" (Mexican Philosopher)
Martín Adán, pseudonym of Rafael de la Fuente Benavides “The Cardboard House” (Peruvian)
Juan Mar a Montalvo Fiallos “Chapters Cervantes Forgot” (Ecuadorian)
Salvador Garmendia Graterón “Memories of Altagracia” (Venezuelan)
“I, Rigoberta Menchu, An Indian Woman in Guatemala” (Guatemalan)
Julio Cortázar “62: A Model Kit” (Argentina)

Seeking an in depth essay on Honduran writer Lucila Gamero de Medina

These authors are already covered:
Jose Donoso "Hell Has No Limits" (John Paul Jaramillo)
Roque Dalton "Clandestine Poems" (Adam Narnst)
Juan Rulfo "Pedro Paramo" (Craig Woods)
Jaime Sáenz Guzmán “The Night ” (Paul Gomez)
Luisa Valenzuela "He Who Searches" (James Miller) 
Subcomandante Marcos and Paco Ignacio Taibo II “The Uncomfortable Dead”
(Bill Hillmann & Enid Maldonado Ruiz )
Roberto Bolano "Nazi Literature in the Americas" (Hero MacKenzie)
José Lezama Lima “Paradiso” (Karolis Zukauskas aka Gint Aras)
Miguel Angel Asturias “The Mullata and Mr. Fly” (D.M. Mitchell)
Pedro Juan Guteirrez "Dirty Havana Trilogy" (Melanie Smith)
Juan Rulfo (Xánath Caraza)

JM.Persánch writes on Antonio Machado's "Campos de Castilla"
Fernando Sabido Sánchez writing on poems by Miguel Hernández
Guillermo Yáñez Tapia explores the "obrera de huelga, asesinado"

Ginger Danto delves into the Puerto Rican dance form "Bomba"

Hero MacKenzie interviews artist Horacio Bustos

Cover art © Hannah Bays

Deadline is June 1st, 2010. 
Minimum 2000 words.  Maximum 3500 words.  Give or take a few.
Send submission to jimlopezantiquechildren@gmail.com