Consider your favorite mischievous, childhood friend or your own mischievous deeds, thoughts and attitudes, from the rude and wreckless to the pleasantly subtle.




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If a contributor wishes to purchase a copy of a journal he or she is published in, AQC will send two copies for the cost of one (plus shipping). Contributors may order as many copies as they wish and AQC will double their order(s) at no additional cost. AQC will do so for every order that is placed through the AQC website by a contributor, who is printed in the specified AQC journal. If contributors wish to receive two-for-one (double your order), contributor must place order through the AQC website. AQC cannot control orders placed through Amazon.

Contributors, if ordering a copy, be sure to use an email address that clearly identifies you.

Comic Web Page Submissions:

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Send images at 1800 pixels in width at 100 dpi

Journal Submissions: (Currently not accepting submssions)

AQC is currently not publishing any further Journals (for the time being).

Check the Journal Page in the furture for upcoming journal themes and deadlines.
(2500-4000 words)

Artist's submissions for journals are more than welcomed. Check Journal Page for themes. All images should be sent at 300 dpi and 1800 pixels in width.

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Jim Lopez: Creator & Editor

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  • Preoccupied with scratching and staring blankly, making it difficult to know what he’s up to 
  • Pays attention though he appears not to be
  • Frustrated by too little affection; annoyed by too much
  • Still has his testicles, which he keeps clean
  • Ferrets out, snaps the necks of, and eats rodents and vermin 
  • Can’t be still, unless he is sleeping 
  • Tears things apart if confined
  • Prefers to do his business out of doors
  • Gets into trouble merely & routinely
  • Enjoys treats
  • Is a graduate of Harvard Divinity School
  • Was rescued from the Muddy Boggy Creek yet finds his way back to the the L.A. River every chance he gets
  • Freely associates friendship and freewill as inseparable 

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